Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Blog Tour Stop: The Book Addict Interviews Seth from I Loved You First

ILYF Blog Tour: August 15 - September 15

After reading I Loved You First, I had a lot of questions for Alex's best friend, Seth. 

BA: I know you like sports, what are your favorite teams?
Seth: My dad's first cousin, Bob, was a huge Mets fan, still is, but didn't have any girls. As soon as I was able to swing a plastic bat, he started dragging me to the games. I guess the team kind of grew on me. Now Bob gets us season tickets.
Football? Keep this one on the low down, but I'm big into the Patriots. Tom Brady, yeah? That's about it. Basketball is a bit fast for me. No time to savor a victory after a score. And then Alex wants me to give Hockey a shot. Seems like the guys on the ice like to rough it up though. That's not my thing.

BA: What is your earliest memory of playing baseball?
Seth: Does t-ball count?

BA: What was your favorite position to play when you were in little league?
Seth: I had a lot of fun as the catcher. Everyone wanted to be the catcher because of the gear. Seems like we got a shot at every position back then. I settled into short stop though. It works for me.

BA: What was your favorite subject in school?
Seth: Science. Would you believe we didn't get to blow up anything in chemistry?

BA: What did you want to be when you grew up?
Seth: A pilot. I even managed to get in a few hours of flight time as part of my high school senior project. Cool stuff.

BA: What was your favorite food?
Seth: Pepperoni Pizza

BA: What was your favorite color?
Seth: Blue

BA: Where do you plan to transfer to?
Seth: I didn't finish the first semester, so I really don't have much to transfer. I'll probably hit the community college until I figure things out.

BA: What do you want to study in college?
Seth: Aerospace engineer. Hopefully, the US will keep the space program running.

BA: What career would you like to do after college?
Seth: Astronaut. With all the bull happening in Washington, who knows how that'll work out.

BA: Knowing what you know now, do you wish you had come out earlier to your friends (not including Alex) and family?
Seth:  Yes and no. Life would have turned out differently, for sure, and I could have avoided a lot of the bull. I get the feeling my baseball streak would have ended a lot sooner if I had though.

BA: Where do you see your relationship with Alex going? Do you think you will still be BFFs in 5 years or 10 years? Do you think you will drift further apart now that you are at different schools?
Seth: I don't know. I never thought things would turn out the way they did with Alex. We'll always be friends, for sure. Our parents still get together, so I know I'll see her when we're both home.
And I'm not in school right now. I missed the enrollment periods by miles. Eventually, we'd have to get jobs anyway. And I doubt we'd work at the same place. We do what we have to do, yeah?

I want to thank Seth and Reena Jacobs for stopping by to chat with me today.  I hope you all enjoyed our interview as much as I did.
I Loved You First

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  1. Wonderful interview, Shanan. I hope Seth figures his life out. I worry about him sometimes as much as Alex does.

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