Friday, December 2, 2011

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Q: What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to books? Maybe you don’t like love triangles or thin plots? Tell us about it!

Ironically--I put my literary pet peeves on my about me page because I think it is important to be open and honest about them.  So here they are again--I am looking forward to see what some of my blogging buddies put down.  

I do not like when borderline abusive or controlling or unhealthy relationships are portrayed as good or valuable. Or when one character has to change everything about him/herself to appease or keep the other person. I do not want to see these types of relationships presented as something to aspire to.

However, I do not want to insinuate that I mind vampires and mythical beings (I love them!). I appreciate open and honest dialogue about sex and relationships in the stories (regardless of whether it is internal dialogue or not). I like to see the characters grow, test the boundaries, and explore, but I want to see them learn to value themselves.


It seems that almost every new book I pick up or learn about is a part of a series, but it is not the overwhelming number of series that peeves me. I love series. I love the complexity that an author can explore when he/she has the freedom of many books. BUT if it feels like the story could have been told in fewer pages or fewer books, then it seems like such a waste.

Also, the book I am reading in a series should be a complete story. Yes, I understand that there will be a cliffhanger; something to compel me to read the next book in the series. BUT the book I am reading right now should be a complete story. It should be more then a feeder into the next book in the series. 


  1. I like your comments about series, Shanan. Very true, each novel must stand on its own and be worth reading, but it's always great when there are threads that carry forward into the next book or books.

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  2. I didn't think of that but you're right.

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  3. :O I love series!!!<3333 But I definitely agree that some of them are just dragging on...

    Anna @ Literary Exploration

  4. I agree about series. It seems like so many good series are dragged out to the point where I start not to care about the characters or story.

    Pretty In Fiction

  5. Sometimes I hate when I have so many series to read. I agree that there shouldn't be irrelevant things in books. I am a New Follower. =]
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  7. Unnessacery series, oh yeah they bug the *peep* out of me! Ugh, I probably should not name names but... the Fallen series... :(

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  8. I hear you! I read your comment on my blog. And it's true about the use of words in any sex scene should be carefully thought through. I actually don't use any, but rather, explore the feelings that certain touch unearths. That way, I avoid all the corny cliches. Thankfully, I've avoided your pet peeves too!

  9. I need to get hop the Follow my Blog Friday bandwagon. Going to put it on the calendar for next week!

  10. Abusive relationships being ported as normal and healthy relationships are becoming more and more popular, which is really scary. It worries me to think there are young teenagers reading these "love" stories thinking it's ok that their boyfriend's treat them like crap because they're "swoon-worthy".

    And I completely agree about series! More and more lately I've noticed that the second book of a trilogy could usually be the first chapter of the third book, and we wouldn't have missed much - so frustrating!

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  11. I know, right!? I can hardly find any stand-alones!!

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  12. Hi, new follower. My pet peeve is when an ongoing trilogy/series has a cliffhanger that totally leaves you hanging, and you have to wait over a year for it to continue. Some cases the author will release the next book in a few months, but so many make us wait for longer then a year. Hate that.

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  14. You are completely right about the borderline abusive relationships. Even if the world building in a novel is fantastic, if the relationship borders on abusive, it puts a damper on the whole novel for me.

    I agree about series too. Everything is a trilogy these days! Some stories certainly don't need to be, while with others I find myself hoping for more. I wonder why no one has put out another Harry Potter length series. Well, I'm guessing they have, but not on the level of Harry Potter.

  15. @Stephanie I think the Blue Bloods series may be the same length (or planned to be the same length) as HP, but the students are a little older than Harry was at the beginning. :)

  16. I'm absolutely with you when it comes to relationships. There are so many romances in young adult literature that make me cringe because they're not healthy at ALL and are being represented by the author as something wonderful.

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  17. Agree on the series! Some books are being drawn out just to make it into a series and it isn't necessary. Of course there are some that I can't get enough of and love that it's a series :)

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  18. thanks for dropping by my ff sorry for late response. FOllowing you back. x