Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Book Addict Reviews: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

Genre:  Fantasy, Metaphysical, Historical
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Rating: 2 stars   
Borrowed this book from library.  

In A Nutshell:  
While I loved the world that Erin Morgenstern created, I am not sure that this book was the best to tackle as an audiobook.  While the audiobook easily conveyed the magic and artistry of the world, the multiple story lines spanning different periods of time were sometimes hard to follow.

I love audiobooks.  I love Jim Dale narrating audiobooks.  So when I found out that this book was narrated by Jim Dale, I could not wait to get my hands on it.  Admittedly I may have had unreasonable expectations based on my love of Jim Dale's narrations, but I was not overwhelmingly impressed with this story.

I think part of my lackluster feelings come from the choppy way the story is brought together.  We are following multiple story lines across multiple points in time.  And all of these story lines were hard to follow--which may not have been as much trouble if I had had the hardcopy so I could refer back to it. 

I am also still not 100% sure I am satisfied with the ending--and I waited all day to write this to see if I could decide how I felt and I still cannot really decide how I feel.  I felt like there were stories that were not left without an explanation in the end which is a little frustrating to me.  And even some of the answers I got seemed to lack some of the pageantry and ingenuity that made the rest of the story so magical.  At the end I felt underwhelmed.

What I did love--what absolutely kept me coming back despite my frustration with the choppy narrative--was the descriptions.  Erin Morgenstern created a world that was full of magic and wonder.  I want the Night Circus to come to my town so I could spend time in the tents and experience the artistry and magic that she described.  I want to be dazzled by Celia or Poppet and Widget or Tsukiko or really there are too many performances to choose from.  So in that case, I want to travel with the Reveurs and have a shock of red against a nice black and white suit so I have an opportunity to see them all.  Erin Morgenstern's descriptions have been the first and only time I truly understood why someone would want to "run away and join the circus."

I love Jim Dale, so I immediately starting looking for the next book I can get to listen to him and decided to add this one to my TBR:


  1. I haven't listened to any of Jim Dale's narrations, but I'll have to now! He's obviously good enough for you to want to find all his audiobooks. Haven' read The Night Circus yet, but still plan to. Thanks for your thoughts...I look forward to her descriptions.

    1. Jim Dale is a great narrator--he is amazing as the narrator for the Harry Potter series!

  2. I tried to listen to this book, really struggled, and finally gave up. I'm not sure if this is just a "not for me" book or if it was the multiple story lines made it difficult as an audiobook.

    1. I think you would like the story but the multiple story lines were very very hard to follow in an audiobook. :)

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