Monday, March 12, 2012

The Book Addict Reviews: Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Dystopian, Love & Romance
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Rating: First time: 4 stars/Second time: 2 stars
First time: Borrowed the book from a friend/Second time: Borrowed the book from the library. 

In A Nutshell:
This story intrigued me--the idea of love as a disease that must be cured.  My initial reading of this book left me on pins and needles eagerly awaiting the next book's release.  But it is not a book I can re-read often because my second time through I found Lena to be a very annoying narrator.

Love is a disease--and like many diseases the scientists and doctors have sought for and apparently found a cure.  A procedure that all 18 years old in the established cities have to protect themselves from being infected by love.  But with the loss of the ability to love, they lose some of their memories from before the procedures, their ability to establish meaningful relationships, even their ability to care for their children and families.  

I read this book over a year ago--and I loved everything about it.  Since Pandemonium is coming out soon, I decided to re-read this one to prepare to read the next one.  I found my feelings changed quite a bit upon re-reading.  In particular, I found Lena to be a very annoying character.  She seems incapable to focus on the task or issue at hand.  And since she is the narrator--we have to read all of her scattered unrelated thoughts as we go through the story.  More than one time I wanted to slap her cheek and shake her a little like they do on television in order to get the character to focus.  Focus Lena Focus!!

But Alex kept me coming back for more.  There was something about him that always drew me in--from the first moment that Lena saw him at her evaluation.  I was almost as bad as Lena as I eagerly anticipated the next time that they would hang out so that I could read about him again.

I felt for Hannah.  I think she would have more eagerly accepting of Alex and the opportunities he presented because she already seemed posed to rebel against the life that was prescribed for her.  As I eagerly anticipate Pandemonium, I hope that Hannah is there and that there is something good in store for her.
Despite my so-so feelings after re-reading this book, I cannot wait for the next book.  I am intrigued and excited to see what comes next for Lena, Hannah, and Alex:


  1. I read this one last year too and loved it .. I totally see what you mean by saying ena annoyed you because that was the case for me too :) !! I loved Alex <3 .. And after this huge cliffhanger I can't wait to get to Pandemonium (which is my next read actually) !! Great review Shanan :)

    1. Oh I am so jealous...I have about 4 more people to wait for on my library's reserved list. And I want to read it now! :)

  2. I haven't read this one yet but it's on my e-reader. I have seen like 50/50 on this one of people who love or don't really care for it so I'm curious to read it and see where I fall. I've had that happen to me before where I loved a book, and upon rereading it wasn't as blown away by it. I will need to move this one up on my TBR list. Great review :))

    1. I don't do a lot of re-reading so I don't know if this will be common for me. I am pretty sure I won't read this one again though. I am going to keep my positive thoughts about it in the center of my mind as I move on to the next one in the series. :)