Friday, March 2, 2012

THG Read-A-Thon: The Tributes

1. Imagine one day waking up and finding yourself in Panem. What district would you be in and why?

My family has been in ranching for over 100 years. As a child, my "vacations" all led my family up to the ranch to round up the cattle and brand the calves or check the cows for pregnancy or spray the herd to prevent bugs and parasites.  So if I woke up in Panem I am pretty sure it would be in District 10 on a cattle ranch.  And it would probably be the crack of dawn so we were not burning daylight!

2. The Reaping Day was one of the dreaded days by District 12. If you were picked that day as one of the tributes, what would be your initial reaction?

Dread.  I have never been a particularly good shot, particularly good runner, or particularly strong.  I do not see that I have a lot of skills that would give a chance at being successful in the arena.

3. You are a tribute and your mentor is planning the best strategy for you to win. What do you think will be your best selling attribute and/or skill?

It seems cheating to say see question above--but my best skills have always been intellectual instead of physical.  I think my mentor would focus on outsmarting the other tributes rather than a show of force.

Now--I want to start study how to tell poisonous and helpful plants apart!

4. You were not picked but your sister/father/mother was, would you sacrifice yourself for them a la Katniss or would you keep your ground a la Peeta’s brothers?

I would probably keep my ground.  I would root for my family member.  I would do anything that I could to help them (although the way the Hunger Games are set up there is not a lot a non-tribute can do).  But as I think about how the Hunger Games is seen in other districts, such as District 1 and 2, it can be seen as an opportunity.  I would not want to take away an opportunity for one of my family members to shine or to assert him or herself. 

5. Time for the first impression segment. What is the first thing that came into mind when you think of:

    1. Katniss EverdeenHer with her bow with an eye on prey.
    2. Peeta MellarkThe boy with the bread
    3. Gale HawthorneThis kiss when Katniss returned to District 12.
    4. CinnaThe mockingjay costume (and I cannot wait to see it on the big screen!)
    5. Haymitch AbernathyStrategy--I may not always understand it but I came to realize he always had one!
    6. Effie TrinketSimple and in some ways unintentionally cruel.
    7. Primrose EverdeenInnocent and young.
    8. Caesar FlickermanShowman
    9. RueKatniss' memorial service--which is a moment I expect to cry at the theater!
6. Look up. Who is the character that leaps out to you the most?  Why?

Katniss is the character that always comes to my mind when I think about the Hunger Games.  She is the strength, the heart, and the dedication of the story in my mind.

7. Do you think Peeta ever thought of winning The Hunger Games even if it means killing Katniss in the process? Why or why not?
No, I think if it ever came down to a dual between Peeta and Katniss he would have planned to fall on his own sword before he would ever have hurt Katniss.

8. (Refer to p. 40)  Fill in the blanks: The Peacekeepers are back too soon and Gale asks for more time, but they’re taking him away and I start to panic. “Don’t let them starve!” I cry out, clinging to his hand.

“I won’t! You know I won’t! Katniss, remember I ______” he say, and they yank us apart and slam the door and I’ll never know what it was he wanted me to remember.

I love you!  At least that is what I always thought Gale was trying to say when I read the book. 

9. Most memorable/favorite scene in Part I “The Tribute”?

Peeta and Katniss' fiery entrance into the Hunger Games celebrations.  That was the moment where I really believed that Haymitch and Cinna had a plan--a strategy in mind.  After all of narration about District 12 having no history of success in the games, this was the moment I started to feel hope for Katniss.  

10. I know it’s too early to say, but if there was something you want to know more about or you would want to be more elaborated, what would it be and why?

I want to know more about Cinna's background--where did he come from, where did he learn the do the costume designing, what were his inspirations, how did he really feel about Peeta and Katniss.  For me, Cinna was a mystery I wanted to solve. 

Have you read the Hunger Games?  What are your impressions of the first 9 chapters?

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  1. Hey Shannan,
    I also would love to know more about Cinna's backstory. I also would love to know what Peeta's relationships with his brothers was like. Great Scene! i love that scene too. my favorite scene is the bread scene!

    1. I agree it would be great to know more about Peeta's family life and relationship with his brothers.

  2. I'm so excited about the movie :) !! Your Q&A really make want to re-read the series because I realize that I've forgotten a lot about what happens in the books .. Great post Shanan :)

    1. I do not re-read many books...but I love re-reading this one!!!

  3. Your answers were perfect! You grew up on a eanch?! How awesome is that. I've always wanted to vacation on a ranch and experience the "cowgirl" life.

    1. I didn't grow up there but we went up a few times each year. :)

      It is quite an experience. :)

  4. I love your answer on number three. I never thought about those plants. And Cinna's background story? Oh! I would love to read that! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Von @ Mr. Book Wonder

    1. Thank you for stopping by too.

      I think that Suzanne Collins created such an interesting cast of characters that there are I cannot get enough info about many of them. :)

  5. I love Cinna as well! And I'd love to know more about him. I for one could not also wait to see Katniss' fiery costume on the silver screens! :D

    1. I really do hope they can translate that to the big screen well!