Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hunger Games Movie Countdown Trivia and Giveaway (10)

My blogging buddy, Jen, and I have been working on a sequel to our Valentine's day celebration (the Famous YA Couples Trivia Quiz). 

So everyday I will post a trivia question about either a YA dystopian novel in general or the Hunger Games in particular.  Everyone gets one opportunity a day to answer--and it does not matter if you are right or wrong.  Any answer is worth a chance to win a prize!  This contest will continue until March 16.

The prize:
1) The Girl Who Was on Fire
2) The Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook
Since these books are available from the Book Depository, I will open this giveaway internationally to any place that BD offers free shipping to.

Which tribute did Katniss identify first as one of the muttations when she, Peeta, and Cato were defending themselves at the Cornucopia?
A) Glimmer
B) Rue
C) Thresh
D) Foxface

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