Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Book Addict Reviews: Glass by Ellen Hopkins

Genre: Young Adult, Social Situations, Parents, Emotions & Feelings
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Rating: 4 stars
Borrowed this book from the library. 

In A Nutshell:
After reading Crank, I was hopeful that Kristina would get the help that she needed.  While I loved Ellen Hopkins poetry and style, I did struggle with some aspects of the story.  But I am hopeful that in the final installment many of my concerns will be addressed.

I always struggle with my emotions after reading Ellen Hopkins' books.  Her use of poetry to tell her story is unique and full of emotion.  Her writing is powerful and full of impact.  All of these things I love.  But the topics she covers in her stories are tough.  They are gritty.  They take a long hard look at the parts of society that tend to be ignored or glossed over.  All of these things make me very glad I read her books, but not really sure I will re-read them very often.

Glass continues the story of Kristina, who we met in Crank.  She has promised herself and her new son that she is done with the monster.  She will get her GED and continue the life she had before her trip to visit her father, or at least as much of that life as possible now.

But the call of the monster is too strong--and Kristina cannot resist it.  Slowly she gets in over her head and ends up losing everything; her family, her home, her freedom.

The entire time I was reading this book, I wished that someone had gotten Kristina professional help; particularly during the time when she had been dedicated to being a good mother.  It felt like her love for Hunter would have been enough enticement to encourage her to change her life.  Addiction is not something that a person can generally give up through willpower alone--and I feel like that is even more true for someone so young.  It almost felt too late by the time that Kristina's mother took a stand--and the stand of kicking her out without another option seemed a little counterproductive to me.  Why not offer to send her to rehab?  I agree that she probably would have said no--but then I would be upset with her.  Right now, I am angry with her mother!

I was hoping the Kristina/Bree break would be explore more in this book--particularly the hints that the split within Kristina started before she went to her fathers.  What prompted it?  Why can she not bring the two parts of herself together into one--and have a clearly defined sense of self. 

I have the final book in this series on reserve--I am hoping that the final installment will address my concerns:

I have also ordered the supplemental book that I was looking forward to:


  1. I really have to read one of Ellen Hopkins' books because they sound awesome .. Besides I've never read a verse novel !! Thanks for the review Shanan :)

    1. I don't know if anyone other than Ellen Hopkins does the novel in verse. The first time it took a little getting used to but now I am hooked. I love everything I have read by her. :)

  2. I was actually surprised when I first read this series. Didn't expect it to be in verse style. But heck it turned out great!

    P/S New Follower @ When She Reads

    1. I had read Identical by Ellen Hopkins first--so by the time I got to this series I knew to expect the verse. But it did surprise me when I was reading my first Ellen Hopkins book. It does take some getting used to. :)

  3. Hi, there!

    I was 'cruising' by, and this review caught my eye. I've never heard of this series before, but your review has certainly got me interested! Thanks for all the details!! I'll be checking this out on Goodreads! : )

    Maria @

    1. Thanks! I really love Ellen Hopkins and am always glad to share her with others. :)

    2. You[re welcome! This one is now on my TBR bookshelf at Goodreads!! : )