Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Short and Sweet: 8 by Michael Mullin

And to the point! Sometimes it is nice to read a short story or a novella, but it is not aways fair to compare them to longer stories with more time for plot and character development.

Genre: Short Story, Humor
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Rating: 3 stars
Won this one in a book giveaway on Books & Other Creative Adventures.

In A Nutshell:
I did not know what to expect when I won a copy of this short story--the concept did not initially draw me in.  But I am glad I sat down and read it.  I found the story to be one that will stick with me much longer than I expect--and for all the right reasons.  It is well written and overall a lot of fun to read. 

When I first started reading 8, I was drawn in by the almost lyrical, slightly rhyming, sing-songy verse.  I almost started reading it to my daughter because it seemed so nice an innocent--but I quickly realized this short story was not written for kids (and I only mean that as an observation and not as a criticism).  

8 is the story of the previously unknown dwarf from Snow White. Creepy is locked in the basement by the other dwarfs for being--well just a little too creepy. When Snow White arrives, the other dwarfs still do not let him out or even introduce him to her.  But despite his captivity--he plays a critical role in helping Snow White get to her happily ever after.

After reading this short story I do not think I will look at the story of Snow White (and the seven--um I mean eight--dwarfs) the same way again.  I feel like the next time I sit down with my daughter to watch the Disney version of the movie--I am going to be scouring the floorboards looking for signs of Creepy peeking up between the cracks.  

I have not sat down and watched Snow White in a long time--but now I feel the need to reunite with a classic:

But I am also looking for more suggestions for short stories that you have read and liked!